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Sizing a Gas Furnace for Your Home

We want to be clear on sizing – we don’t care what size furnace you currently have because almost all gas furnaces are considerably oversized. Oversized furnaces use more fuel, reduce home comfort and wear out faster than properly sized furnaces. Why, because they cycle too often - they’re constantly going on and off. This cycling increases stress on the heat exchanger and simply reduces the life of the other components because of the frequency of their operation while at the same time wasting gas.

A properly sized furnace is critical to system longevity and personal comfort.  How do you size a furnace for a house - there are a couple of ways. Some contractor’s use what is known as a manual J load calculation to determine the size furnace a home needs. While this is a good way to size a system for a house under construction where all the insulation values and the tightness of the home are known, it can be fairly inaccurate on existing structures.  Other contractors rely on their years of experience in the business. This method is probably the most suspect and will usually result in an over sized system.

Recker and Boerger prefers to size your furnace using a program we created that compares three critical aspects of your home: the square footage, the age, and the configuration. The configuration is defined as ranch, two story, bi level, slab – with or without a basement, or contemporary. Using this data we can calculate the anticipated heat loss of your home and choose a furnace that will maximize your comfort and minimize your utility cost. One other factor that can help us size your furnace, believe it or not, is your air conditioner. Our program can take the size of your central air conditioner and calculate the size of the furnace your home needs using some fairly simple mathematics.

At Recker and Boerger we spend a tremendous amount of time trying to convince potential furnace buyers to purchase smaller furnaces. We do this because we know they will be more comfortable and save money on their energy bills with a properly sized furnace. Please remember there is no gain for Recker and Boerger to sell you a smaller furnace, we just want it to work efficiently and comfortably. Also, our performance guarantee assures you that your furnace will not be undersized. We guarantee an indoor temperature of 70 degrees on a zero degree day.  If our furnace will not maintain this temperature we will replace it, at no charge, with one that will.